Arsenal Insider 2019 : Aiming Towards Women Empowerment

Arsenal Insider 2019


At Arsenal Bengal, We Care!

A very crucial date on the calendars of every member is the fundraiser tournament it holds every year, that goes by the name Arsenal Insider. Although there is no fixed date for the event, we hold it during the winters of every season.



A Look Back To The 2018 Arsenal Insider


Last year it was on the 22nd April and was held at BJ Block Ground, Kolkata. Host to the Helping Hand Foundation, we played for a cause. The charity football tournament was open to all the fans of the club, and we received great response from all spheres. The entirety of the tournament entry fee collection was donated to the underprivileged, and it was a celebratory affair to see the smiles on their faces. We contributed to the Helping Hand Foundation and young footballers who were in dire need of equipment to play the beautiful game! With regards to the tournament, it was won by our very own Anukalpa Roy and his team, Yo Pierre FC after a well-fought match that went into penalties. The MVP of the player was a shrewd buy, Saunak.




Arsenal Insider 2019 : Fighting Leukemia and Supporting Women Empowerment


This year, there is no aberration to the pattern. Arsenal Bengal is proud to announce that this year’s tournament will be held at the NKDA Stadium, Kolkata on the 26th of January, 2019. The sole purpose of the event is to help a child fighting the deadly disease of leukemia, and to stand beside him in this hour of need. With plans to expand further this year, we are hosting our sporting Goonerettes too this time around. We will be having a special mini-tournament involving the powerful women from the Arsenal camp, and we couldn’t just be more excited for it. The men’s tournament will be as thrilling as before, with 6 managers battling it out for the coveted prize. It’s going to be a grand affair, and we just cannot afford to miss it. Let’s make it a grand affair, and save the date!


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