Boy Things’ Spotlight On Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione!


Hi guys,” Boy Things first blog” is here and it is nothing but a review on a supercar of which we all fantasize. Well, if you are a billionaire (of course not 😛 ) and looking for a new supercar (still you have my permissions to 😉 ), you should be checking out Ferrari’s new SP275 RW Competizione.

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This jetpack of unbelievable speed was launched in the Finali Mondiali at Dytona on December, 2016. It has quite a unique nomenclature in which the ‘SP’ stand for Special Programme.

The supercar draws its inspiration from the Ferrari 275 GTB, which won the GT class Le Mans back then in 1965.

Now, coming to the things that actually meet the eye 😀 . Starting from the front grill, the vents behind the front and rear wheels, the caps of fuel tank to the louvers on the B-pillars, all are inspired from the veteran 275 GTB.

Ferrari 812 superfast gif boy things

Sources confirm that the chassis of the SP275 is taken from that of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the engine from the limited edition Ferrari F12 TDF. So, this means business being powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V12 engine producing 769bhp and 705N-m of torque; Enough to launch the car from ZERO to 100 kilometer in little less than THREE seconds (2.99 sec to be exact) with a possible top speed to cover 340+ kilometer per hour.

Spotlight On Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione by Boy Things

Ferrari SP275 RW Competizione

Now this is something for the car geeks. The power in this speedster is transmitted to the rear wheels with the help of a seven speed dual-clutch gearbox. Although fuel economy is such a thing you better not look out for while buying a supercar (or at least while judging one). Stop being judgmental FFS, it’s a super Ferrari, and it is only worth of praise 😛 . Okey, now coming back to the point, Ferrari is giving you a 6.49 litre/km of fuel economy. Honestly, looking at the mileage, I would rather prefer a Maruti Zen, any day! But then again, this is a Ferrari and thus it’s all justified. :\ The Supercar also possesses a pair of unique head lamps with four 20 inch Aluminum wheel on which the car rolls.

Well, I hate to do this but have to. 🙁 Coming to the price, the F12 Berlinetta was priced at 4.72 crore ( ex-showroom, Delhi), so it is evident that the price for this beast should go much higher than that.

So, this is all for today! Boy Things blog will be catching you up later with something new something more interesting. 🙂 Till then dream big and don’t forget to like, share and comment!

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