Escapade: A Girl’s Weekend Getaway!


“Let’s take a break “– said the gorgeous woman in red saree.

“I need a break” – said the corporate woman in black suit.

“Can I get a break?”– asked the nerdy college girl.


No! They’re certainly not talking about a breakup or a KitKat Break there. Be it the gorgeous woman in a red saree or a corporate woman in black suit or the nerdy college girl from next door, girls just need occasional breaks to break the monotony of the everyday hustle bustle. No matter if you are the gorgeous housewife wearing beautiful sarees or the corporate buff who nails all those formal looks beautifully and with utter ease. To look beautiful, girls I’ll tell you, you need to feel beautiful. And who else can make you feel more beautiful than the Mother Nature herself? So how about planning an escapade and land up on the laps of Nature?

I took one such break and literally threw back my cellphone and laptop only to feel as carefree as I could have felt. I went to this place called Ghatshila in Jharkhand. A six hours long road trip from Kolkata is all that it took. The road trip can be either tiring or as exciting as it sounds just from the name itself. Depends on how you make your trip worth it all. Perfect for a weekend trip Ghatshila is just the right place where you want to be to bust all the week long stress. There’s this very beautiful and picturesque Dimna Lake in Ghatshila which is just going to take your breath away. (Well, it took mine with all its heartwarming beautiful sceneries!) The countryside greenery, the low hill laden landscapes and the cool breeze carrying the smell of freshly wet soil is just going to make your weekend like never before.

So girls, ditch the next weekend party maybe? Or ditch that very plastic candlelight dinner with your special someone? Because few guilty pleasures are just yours to be cherished forever. Isn’t it? Why wait then? Let’s just hit the road in search of beauty and serenity. After all she is beautiful every time she feels beautiful within.

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