FIFA U-17 World Cup : A New Experience!


Hello guys, excited much? huh! It’s here.. The wait is finally over! The biggest Football Fest is happening in front of our eyes!


Yes.. Of course am talking about the Under 17 FIFA World Cup that our nation is hosting and also participating. For the first time ever.  Me, the Bridge Kid and the Boy Things bring to you a complete round up of this on going Junior Football Fest in this post.


Ever thought of watching a Football World Cup match in your nearest football stadium? Or maybe, betting with friends on who’s gonna be the next rock star of world football? Or even, seeing the Indian Colts go shoulder to shoulder with the top footballing nations around the globe? Basically, this is a dream come true for all the Football Lovers of the nation! The dream of seeing the Tri-colour fly at a FIFA event.

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The FUTURE of FOOTBALL is here in India and we are to witness the future stars in making in our own soil. At the same time our boys will be getting exposure to the world at the biggest footballing stage possible. They may win or lose but they are sure to send the message to the rest of the world of how much potential and talent this Sleeping Giant of a nation beholds!


That being said, it maybe sensible to note that the general powerhouses of world football today might not be having the strongest U-17 team. So, don’t get surprised if some African or Asian nation manage to lift the trophy. Like last time, Nigerian team did.

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Now, coming to the Indian team, the Junior Colts are making the whole nation proud showcasing the talent and potential they possess. As the skills they boast are not of much difference from their counterparts from other nations. The amount of practice and vigorous training they went through and the promising glimpses that the team showed during their preparation procedure, we can surely dream big from this team, in future.


Although there is nothing much to differentiate teams at this level, but among the 24 participating nations, as far as we understand, the teams you should look out for are : USA, Brazil, Paraguay, Spain, New Caledonia and last but not the least Germany! Some sure shot next gen superstars on show – Angel Gomes (England) and Jadon Sancho (England).


As the tournament rolls on further, we will surely get to see some more talented superstar of the future. And, who knows maybe the next Messi or Ronaldo will rise from our very own soil. All that we are to hope is to experience an exciting and successful tournament, which will take India’s name to the World.


So, this is Bridge kid signing off for now. Will be back again with more coverage on Indian Football and possibly more. Enjoy the World Cup , may our boys make us proud. BACK THE BLUES !!!! Jai Hind !!!!

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