5 Super Cars That You Must Have!


Hey guys, Boy Things are back with their blogs on Hot Wheels and Car photography! And this time, we are here to take on five Super Cars that you should be having in your Hot Wheels collection along with their specifications. Hope you guys will have a good read! 🙂


Before we start, let us make it clear that this is no count down. These are among the top Super Cars ruling the roads! So, let’s get rolling :


Lamborghini Huracan


Hot wheels Lamborghini Huracan by Boy things

In 2014 Lamborghini released the Huracan. Which was believed to be the successor of the previous benchmark model the Lamborghini Gallardo. Huracan, obviously is much more powerful , aerodynamically improved and many more. The Huracan is a mid engine sports car. The car is powered with a 610 bhp engine, sending to the all four wheels by a all wheel drive system. But later on Lamborghini have released various versions of this car, one even having a rear wheel drive system.



Ferrari 599 GTB


Ferrari 599 GTB of Hot Wheels by Boy things photography
The 599 GTB is a the flagship model of Ferrari and the predecessor of F12 Berlinetta. The car was launched in 2006 and the production ended in 2012 when the Berlinetta was launched. The engine of the car is a 6.0 lit v12 producing 661 bhp and the transmission is rear wheel drive. The 599 was a big hit for Ferrari and it was made available in many versions,like the 599 GTO and the 599XX.



Porsche 993 GT2


Porsche 993 GT2 of Hot Wheels by Boy things PhotographyThe 993 series Porsche came to production in 1993. The 993 is actually the factory name of the famous 911 series produced in 1993. It had a 3.4 lit air-cooled flat six engine and 3 types of gearbox offered with it, by the company. The GT2 was simply the racing version of the 911 series cars. The bhp produced by the engine varies according to the racing conditions. the highest that was recorded, was about 470 bhp. The iconic GT2 has a noticeable big rear wing.



Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


Ferrari Barlinetta Hot Wheels by Boy things photography


Released in 2012 the F12 is one of the finest car Ferrari has ever built. Driven by a 6.3 lit v12 engine producing 730bhp. The transmission is rear wheel drive. Ferrari claims that this car has completed the Fiorano circuit (Ferrari’s private race track) three and a half second faster than the 599 GTB.



Aston Martin DBS


Aston Martin DBS ofHot Wheels by Boy Things photography
Aston Martin DBS came to production in 2007 and continued till 2012. The DBS is the sport version of the benchmark model of the company the DB9. The car has a v12 engine which produce about 510 bhp with a 6 speed gear box automatic (or manual) and the power is sent to the rear wheels. The DBS is famous for being featured in the “James Bond” movies and is popularly known as the Bond Car!


So guys, that’s all for today! Boy Things will be continuing the series. Got to follow us in order to stay updated! And do let us know how many of these Super Cars you have in your collection and also the Super Cars that you want us to feature in our next blog. 

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