Lamborghini Centenario – The Super Exclusive Sports Car!


Hey, it has been a while since we last posted, so today we have come with a new Boy Things blog on a speedster that have already been fan favorites. And tbh, this is one of my favorite automobile brands as well. So, this one might get some extra care. 😉 But trust me I will try my level best to maintain a balance of my emotions!

So… Centenario… in Italian a hundred years or a century. To mark the celebration of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s 100th birthday Lamborghini launched their new car Centenario.

Of all the cars that were released in 2017, only a few others could match the expectations and the excitement that we had for Lamborghini Centenario. Lamborghini had a total production of just FOURTY for this model. 😛

The Lamborghini Centenario is built on the previous successful model, Lamborghini Aventador. But this one is 55kg lighter (1520kg) than the Aventador. The Centenario is highly aerodynamically efficient. The hood, side skirts, rear diffuser and most of everything have aero-dynamical functions. We at the Boy Things were surprised to know… that even the headlight and wheel arches have air intake which helps to maintain the optimal temperature of the engine. The rear wing at the back can lift upto 155mm and rotate upto 15 degrees (depending upon the driver). 😀

Lamborghini Centenario Boy Things

The full body of the car is made of carbon fiber, which makes it very light and rigid at the same time. Now there are many people who are die hard petrol heads and don’t like hybrids no matter how fast the car is. 😛 Well good news for you guys, this one is not a hybrid. The car is powered by Lamborghini’s 6.5lit v12 (60o) engine which produces 770bhp (566kW) at 8250rpm and 690nm of torque at 5500rpm. This massive power is transmitted to all the four wheels by electronically controlled all-wheel drive system. These shoot the car from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 2.8 sec.

The car was priced at €2.2 million. But that’s not all…even if you manage to gather all that money, you may still have hard luck to get one. Cause, all 40 models (20 coupes and 20 roadsters) that were produced by Lamborghini were sold out before the car was even launched…..

So, this is all for today! Boy Things signing off with promise of returning with more blogs and customized pictures. Stay tuned! 😀


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