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Talking about Japanese Sports on-road cars, one that hit the mind of the Boy Things in this blog, at the very fast is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series! The Lancer Evolution, also known as Lancer Evo or only Evo was basically a Sports Sedan manufactured by the famous Mitsubishi Motors!

Based on the normal Lancer, the Evo was designed to be a class apart; From design to the engine. The first Evo was designed and marketed in the year 1992. And since then there were a little to look back for as it had nine more editions to follow till date, making it a series of ten different Evolutions! The designation of the models are commonly a Roman Number.

Boy Things special Mitsubishi Lancer Evo

All the versions of the Evo uses Two liter, Turbocharged engines and all wheel drive system! That being said, the Evo has got serious success when it comes to Motorsports, be it rally, or track racing or hill climbing.

Boy Things brings a brief of every Evo model till date here for you:

Lancer Evolution I ~

The first Evo used a 2.0 Liter Turbocharged DOHC engine and was sold in GSR and RS models. This model was marketed in between 1992 and 1993. The top speed was 228 Km/hr (142 mph).

Lancer Evolution II~

The second version of the Evo was first upgraded in December 1993 and was produced till 1995. It had no major changes other than a few minor handling changes. The power output for this Evo was increased to 256 PS (188 kW, 252 hp).

Lancer Evolution III~

February 1995 saw the introduction of the third version of the Evo series. This one had a lot of improvements over the last model, starting from styling, a new radiator system, inter-cooler and brakes! In addition to these there were further a new side skirt, a rear bumper molding and a larger rear spoiler to reduce the lift. This lasted till August 1996.

Lancer Evolution IV~

The fourth version was introduced in august 1996 and produced till January 1998. The Lancer platform being completely changed in 1996, the Evolution changed with it in turn becoming extremely popular all over the world! The two models made available are the GSR and the RS. The Evo IV can be distinguished due to its two prominent Fog Lights present in the front bumper and the newly designed tail lights on the rear. This in turn became a tread mark to the Evolution series.

Boy Things customized Hotwheels Mitsubishi Lancer Evo


Lancer Evolution V~

The fifth version of the Evo series came to the market in January 1998 and lasted till January 1999. Much of the interior was redesigned and a few physical modifications were done. Furthermore, the turbocharger was again improved.

Lancer Evolution VI~

The sixth edition mainly focused on cooling and engine durability. The Evo VI received a body rework yet again and the most noticeable change was the large Fog Lights being reduced in size and moved to the corner of the front bumper in order to let a better airflow! The version was rolled out in between January 1999 and January 2001. This version had two models namely the Standard Models and the Tommi Mäkinen Edition Models.

Lancer Evolution VII~

Mitsubishi was forced to market this version by FIA in order to race in the WRC (World Rally Championship) abiding by the WRC rules and regulations of building a car. This was introduced in March 2001 and was produced till January 2003. The specialty in this version was in its 5-speed automatic gear box, which the makers called the “fuzzy logic”. This was a unique setup where the car would learn the driver’s driving characteristics and would change the gear change timing and kick down the reactions accordingly.

Lancer Evolution VIII~

The Evo VIII kicked in the market in January 2003, and lasted till March 2005. This version had a lot of remodeling and up-gradations done on it. This version of the Lancer Evo was the first one to be sold in the USA. Two models were made available for this version, the Standard models and the MR models.

Lancer Evolution IX~

Mitsubishi introduced the Evo IX on 3rd March 2005 in Japan and Europe but in USA it was made available a month later. The production lasted till January 2007. It had the kind of transmissions available. The 5-speed manual, the 6-speed manual and the 5-speed automatic. Mitsubishi also produced an Evolution IX Wagon in GT, GT-A and MR models.

Lancer Evolution X~

The tenth version of the Evo series had it all and has being rolled out from October 2007 to May 2016. It was introduced in Japan on 1st October 20017 following its introduction in the US in January 2008, February in Canada and March in UK.

A Final Edition (FE) was offered by the Mitsubishi Motors after they they announced the calling off of the Evolution program in the 2015 model year. This version came with special production badges.

So, that’s that for today guys. This was a look back on one of the most successful motor sport car in the history. Hope you all liked this! Come back again to have more fun with the Boy Things blogs. And as the phrase goes.. remember, Boys will be Boys! 😉

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