Minimalist Fashion Doesn’t Always Have To Be Boring


What do you think?
Minimalist Fashion! Does it have to be boring?

Well, welcome to my space, where Minimalism doesn’t have to be quite boring and plain!

All grey and white outfits are not at all necessary.


In my opinion, this aesthetic doesn’t have to be platitudinous.

There are various articles on how to be a minimalist.


Well, You won’t find a single similar thing here! MY WAY OF DONNING MINIMALISM is quite different than those articles.

Play with Prints:

The very first rule of minimalism is to abate the prints. But, why abate when we can play with prints? I am wearing a polka dotted jumpsuit in this look. Don’t overdo it by picking multiple prints instead pick one print and look what suits you best!


Don’t be Afraid to Pick Bright Colors:

Why should we be afraid, when we can play with colors! Well, Pick one solid bright color while donning minimalist fashion.


Play with Minimal Accessories:

Accessorize yourself with classic and elegant timepieces. I accessorized myself with my Daniel Wellington Watch and cuff set.


And Finally:

All grey and white outfits are not at all necessary. You may choose one bright color for your bottom-wear with a grey or white top wear. One can never go wrong with a classic black and white with pops of color!


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