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Being a woman has its perks also comes the hardships therewith. For instance we tend to struggle when it comes to choosing WHAT TO WEAR! Since being in sync with the place seems the norm so does the weather. How do we ignore the fact our subconscious drives us to perfect every look. (Don’t judge me! LOL)


So here I am, bringing you the easiest go to look for a good day at the beach and also the essentials necessary for a hassle free trip. Motto is to go chic with minimum.



It took me an entire eclipse to zero down to my Floral Black dress. It is light and comfortable, plus doesn’t act as a catalyst to sweating! So basically it’s a savior. The best part? Well you can play kabaddi (pun intended) with the sea and not wet your clothes. Its short and enables you to move freely so you don’t trip and fall due to the water and sand which is like the basic shenanigan of going to a beach. Bonus? You look fashionably beachy!



Travel light! It’s a myth for women but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. So I decided to carry my Black Leather Duffle bag that I got from a shop in Rome. It is chic and gives that grungy look. With metal beadings it blinks when the sun falls on it. It fits the essentials needed for a day at the beach and also it is water resistant. Savvy?



You do not want to get dark circles or damage your eyes and pay the price for having fun at your favorite destination. So always pack a pair of sunglasses when you are going to a beach. Period.

You can get amazing pairs online and offline. Been to Esplanade yet? Hub of street fashion. Next time you visit pick up some pairs for future reference, save your beautiful eyes!



Footwear’s can be tricky especially for the beach. Sandals are perfect but with a dress? Well sometimes we indulge in high end fashion. Let’s stick to the basic and grab some platform heels with belts that will provide you grip and help you avoid tripping and falling face onto the sand.


I got these sweet and simple sandals from Sreeleathers and boy my feet loves it.


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Now the bare essentials that is a must when you step out of the house and importantly if you are visiting the beach……….skincare products! My skin is normal to oil so using the wrong products leads to sunflowers blooming on my face (LOL)!


My basic regime before stepping out is a Lotus Herbal Toner that has basil & cucumber extract as a combination which helps soothe my skin and then I apply a base coat of my Lotus sunscreen which has a SPF 40 & PA+++ (UVA). And if you feel too oily try using Keya Seth Herbal sunscreen powder SPF 25(UVB). This combo helps me protect my skin from the sun. And DO NOT FORGET to apply a basic lip balm to hydrate your lips and keeping it safe from the harmful rays. Best choice is the LAKME Lip Love range.


Since it’s a beach post, after you step out of the water apply some mask and a moisturizer. I swear by AVON Naturals 3-in-1 cleanser scrub mask (Grape Seed). It acts as a scrub, mask and also a cleanser. After this I use LACTOCALAMINE, less to no chemicals and suitable for oily sensitive skin. Finish with some LAKME lip balm.


So people this is all I have for a day at the beach. I hope you guys like it if you do hit the like button and comment what you think about it. I’m open to suggestions, appreciations and criticisms..


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Take care.

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