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Hello guys, welcome back to our Know Your Ride segment of Need For Speed No Limits. Since we initiated this segment of ours, it has been all Blackridge Rivals. But now, when we sit down to write this blog, Blackridge is already history. Its done and dusted for good! Instead, now the developers at EA have introduced the much hyped Underground Rivals.

So, here let us talk a bit about the Underground Rivals update before we get into our Know Your Ride segment.



Underground Rivals

Blackridge Rivals is done and dusted, and its time for the Underground Rivals. This feature has been hyped so much that it has its own dedicated Blog Post and Dev Diary.


Erwick County

Introduced alongside the Underground Rivals, Erwick County is a new countryside track, full of gorgeous Autumn palettes. The new region features dawn and overcast variants, offering the new races against a brand new backdrop.


Championship Wraps

Blackridge Rivals might get over, but it would have not had a satisfactory ending without a small token to remind you of your successes. Three Tiered Championship Wraps have being awarded to players based on their highest ever ranking in Blackridge Rivals!

Anyone who reaches at least Prospect will receive one wrap, Challenger and above will receive two wraps, and Icon will get all the three!


Rep Cap Increase

Rep Cap of players has been raised from 100 to 500! To compensate the efforts of racers who have reached the previous cap, with the Underground Rivals Update EA is awarding them with 200 Gold. All your previously accumulated Rep post-level 100 will be added to your progress. This means that you will be boosted to the level you would have otherwise been. Rep-up rewards change after reaching Level 100. Every new Rep Level gained after level  100 will reward racers with 5 new permanent storage slots. Fuel refills will still be rewarded post-100. Gold will not be a Rep Reward beyond level 100.


New Daily Assignments

With the introduction of Underground Rivals there has been an adjustment in Daily Assignments and rewards:

Assignments / Reward
  • Complete 9 Daily Assignments 5 Gold, 50 Rep
  • Complete 5 Underground Rivals Races 4 Gold, 25 Rep
  • Win 12 Races 2 Gold, 25 Rep
  • Win 5 Races in the Campaign 2 Gold, 25 Rep
  • Nitro Boost for 60 Seconds 1 Gold, 25 Rep
  • Drift 800m 1 Gold, 25 Rep
  • Near Miss 10 Traffic Cars 3 Race Skips, 25 Rep
  • Use 20 Fuel 2 Gold, 25 Rep
  • Get Airborne for 30 Seconds 3 Gold, 25 Rep
  • Win 2 Tuner Trial Races 3 Gold
  • Purchase 6 Different Black Market Materials 4 Gold
  • Fill 3 Material Slots 1 Gold
  • Rebuild 2 Parts 3 Gold
  • Open 5 Free Crates 3 Gold
  • Win 3 Races in Car Series 2 Gold


Other Improvements:

Additions: a ‘Report Cheater’ button on the Post-Race Screen that will send your opponent’s ID to the developers.


2017 Honda NSX

When the first generation Acura (Honda) NSX came in back in the year 1990, it took the market like wild fire. It was fast and a very reliable mid-engine spots car. The best part was that, one can use it as a on-road transport in the week days and would be track ready in the weekends. Sadly it went out of production in 2005. After 13 long years, Acura again came back with their flagship spots car, the NSX. But this time the NSX was introduced with an electric-hybrid engine. The car is powered by a 3.5lit V6 engine with three mid-mounted electric motors. These all together produces a break necking 573bhp which sends the car from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.1sec. The transmission is a dual clutch 9 speed automatic and power is sent to all the four wheels. Acura has developed the fuel economy system by adding only an electric drive.


2002 Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari boy things

Official name Enzo Ferrari, unofficially Ferrari Enzo. The car was named after the name of the founder of the company. One can imagine how special a car can be when it has been named after the founder. It came out in 2002 with technologies adapted from F1 and many others. The Enzo has a 6.0lit V12 engine producing 660bhp and has a sick acceleration of 0 to 100 in just 3.1sec. The car has a 6-speed semi-automatic paddle shift gearbox and all the power goes to the rear wheels. This car is among the Ferrari’s Big Fives, along with the other four – La Ferrari, Ferrari F50, Ferrari F40 and Ferrari 288GTO. There are only 399 Enzo Ferraris to hit the road, making the Enzo a collector’s car now.



So, that’s all for today! We will be back with info and insights on more cars that will be introduced in the game Need For Speed No Limits in near future, in our segment Know Your Ride. Till then, keep showing your love and support. Happy Racing!!

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