Old is Gold : Styling The Old In A New Way!


We all have old clothes stored in our wardrobe. Buying new and trendy outfits and styling them has made us almost forget about our old outfits. We either sell them or just abandon them.


But you know what? Your old outfits can just never go out of trend. You can always style them in new different ways and can make them much trendy, that no one can understand are they your old or new clothes?!



Here I came up with a style style hack with my old set of clothes. A Denim short, a white stripped shirt and a white crop top. I have styled them as a regular outfit for bubbly girls. That you can wear easily anytime.


Wore the crop top and the denim shorts with a pair of quirky snickers. Now to give it a more stylish look I took out one of my old stripped white shirts and tied it around my waist. That gives it a sporting look. Also wore the shirt with buttons open. That will give you a serious OOTD look.




Always tie your hair in a pony tail. So that you can complete your “Old Outfit New Style” look with a perfect mix of boldness and smartness.


So, stop abandoning your old attires and start giving them a all new life. Let the hidden creativity come live to you!

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