..But Sometimes, Cowards Do Survive ~ STARSCREAM


Hey guys, how are you all doing?! Today we are here not with any game strategies or action plans. In this blog we are going to discuss about one of the most iconic characters of the fictional series of Transformers!


A self proclaimed pride of the Cybertron War Academy. Second in command of the nasty Deccepticons and the deadliest of all Seekers. The name Starscream is synonymous with deceit, cunning, treachery, and limitless ambition. Ambition to be the leader of all Decepticons and lead the force to bring back the golden period of Cybertron. But, sadly this was never really going to happen. Not as long as Megatron is living. And once Megatron was defeated and destroyed, on his way came Galvatron.

Transformers earth wars starscream crown by boy things


Starscream is basically of the belief that he is the one who should be leading the Decepticons and not the power greedy Megatron. But, his bad that on those few occasions when he actually managed to take over the command of the Decepticons, he has failed miserably. Every single time.


Starscream is a bot of very colorful character. In-spite of having very high ambitions, he fails to reach the heights for his inconsistency and lack of patience. Which in turn makes all his plots too much transparent and actions very much predictable.


Megatron is well aware of the threat that Starscream possesses, but at the same time he actually enjoys the contest. Megatron once said :

“You see, leadership is not something I fear losing: it is something I dread you gaining. In the moments when my all-consuming destiny lies ahead of me, you remind me of the need to watch my back. And that is your importance, Starscream”


May what happen, for all that happens in the Transformers’ world, you can never write the Starscream off it anyway! Even when completely destroyed physically, the spark of Starscream kept living. Which is utterly unnatural, as the spark of the transformers need a physical form to reside in. While in case of Starscream, his spark kept haunting all around trying to capture physical existence in other bots. This got him the name, the “Undying Spark“.


starscream boy things poster

Given, all the flaws in his character and the chaos that the areal jet can create, Megatron still holds his combat skills and cunning brain to very high ranks. He is always guaranteed his position, second in command to Megatron, in-spite of all his misdeeds! May be one day, one day he will suppress the mighty Megatron to meet his ambition. But it’s far from home..


The Boy Things will be back with more blogs on Transformers and Transformers Earth Wars. Stay tuned! 😉


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