The Kinds Of People You Come Across On A Valentine’s Day


Well, the Valentine’s Day has been in the craze since the past years, not only among the teens but also among the grown ups. But then, you know Love has no age. Once the day, 14th Feb arrives you will see different people Celebrating Love in their own unique way.


The Typical Couple

These people wait throughout the year to celebrating this day in their so called “romantic way“. On this day the majority of people you spot on the streets are definitely the ones who go around holding hands and saying cliche stuffs. Leading to utter disappointment of single people.

The Friends Group

This are the kind of people who doesn’t bother whether it’s valentines day or republic day. They have their plans sorted with their group. It’s just like a regular day for them to hang out with buddies, have great deal of fun and enjoy every bit of it, doing silly stuffs and laughing their heart out.

The Workaholic

For these people, work is love, work is life. It’s just a normal day for them. They will spend all day in front of the laptop at the office cabin with no regrets.

The Anti-Valentine Squad

The craze of v-day begins at least one month before the 14th of Feb. On social media the number of people you will find being excited about 14th of Feb will almost equal the number of people criticizing it’s craze and so much against the celebration. Maybe they are not the anti-love squad but they are basically against the odd celebration of valentines day.

Self Love

Last but not the least, you will also meet people who whenever gets a holiday, never calls up people for plans. They would spend time doing things they love most enjoying their own company. They would neither get bored nor feel lonely for a single moment. Let it be shopping or reading books or watching the favorite tv series all day long.


Wishing all my readers a very happy Valentines Day.

Love, Shalini!

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