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Well guys, in this blog post, Boy Things brings to you the best possible combinations that you must try out to kick-up your success rate while Attacking in the game Transformers Earth Wars! Although we have showcased only Autobots here, but this is equally applicable in case of my Deception buddies!

Before we go into a detailed analysis of the possible squads and bots, we should keep in mind a thing or two!

    1. Not always the Powerful bot is the most Strongest.

    2. Not always the Powerful set of bots you got make the best team.

Its always the perfect balance and the right strategy that will bring you success. So, you should have your team, perfectly balanced strategically. A perfect team is again not the best bots in the game fighting together, but the right combination of bots grouped together. You may be victorious in all the battles you fight with your A-Team; But what’s next? You got 50 Fuel Cells to burn. And that’s only 5 gone. How will you efficiently use the rest 45? In that case, you will surely have to compromise your game by fighting at lower Zones. So, as you see you got to maintain the perfect balance between Power, abilities and most importantly the Class of the bots you choose!

We know it’s not that easy to find the perfect combination when you are new to the game or maybe playing for a while now but it’s still not clicking yet! Boy Things is here to help you choose the best combination and also prove it’s relevance with a video as well. ( Our first in-game video of course. 😛 )

Analysis of Bot Classes

Special : These bots are special indeed, generally possessing decent special abilities, high health and high damage rate. These bots use both ammunition as well as bare hands to bring the doom! In order to attack they need to get themselves some-what close to the opponent’s defensive setups. Which in return can be backfiring in some cases.

Optimus Prime Transformers Earth Wars y Things

Warrior : The warrior class are generally die hard physical fighters having very high health count. In general they do not use any arms or ammunition but prefer bare hands to crush things on their way. They need to get too close to the opponent’s difference to inflict the damage and thus can get costly if the move is not planned well.

Iron Hide Boy Things Transformers Earth Wars

Air : The Air class bots can be the Ace in an attack! Although these bots have low health but they cause high damage from the sky and thus manage to be a key class to be included in your attacking plans.

Strafe Boy Things Transformers Earth Wars

Medic : You better not aim high with a Medic class bot in an attack because they generally possesses very low attacking abilities and health as well. But again, these bots can be a key to your success. Another strategic ace. These bots have the power to heal bots fighting the battle and can be used as a backup plan, to refill some fuel in your best attacking bots just when they seem to dry up.

Rachet Boy Things Transformers Earth Wars

Gunner : Gunner class bots are very very efficient in the battles. They inflict damage to targets far away from them. This also opens up a well known strategy in the game. If the base has a Shock Tower, you just let your Gunner bots handle the situation!Although they have low health but their attacking abilities are second to none.

Prowl Boy Things Transformers Earth Wars

Best Combination of Bots

Well, we will not be taking names to explain that these bots will make the best team. Just because most of the players don’t have all the bots in their collection, so pointing out particular bots would be lame and depressing as well. It will also harm the spirit of the game. Instead, we will just give you the best combination of the classes you may choose.

Boy Things Transformers Earth Wars Best autobot squad

Here as you all can see we have teamed up Ultra Magnus (Special), Jumpstream (Warrior), Optimus Prime (Special), Jetfire (Air), Kup (Special), Rachet (Medic) and Sunstreaker (Gunner) for an event battle. Let’s find out how efficiently this combination works when fought in an Event Zone higher to the squad’s level :

Here, in the video you can see our squad rating is 3,443 and we managed to clear an Event Zone whose minimum requirement is 3,600. It’s all about going for the right strategy and not always using the strongest bots. You will also find that we used only one 4*, three 3* and three 2* bots, among which the 4* one is a whole lot weaker than a bot supposed to fight at this level.

So, my fellow gamers, these are a few tricks that the Boy Things wanted to share with you all. Do let us know how helpful this was and also don’t forget to tell us your squad strategies. There is always scope for betterment! We will be following our comment section to know your A-team strategies with eagerness! 😉

Happy gaming! And also mention how many battle points you guys managed to gather this weekend, in the comment section! There’s still some time left and we managed about 11K in-spite of having a busy weekend.

#Priorities 😀

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