Transformers Earth Wars Bloopers!


Hey guys, this is the Boy Things wishing you all a very happy new year! Here, we are back to share with you guys some fun to welcome the new year in a light mood!


Okay, we have been playing the game for more than a year, but this is rare. The developers of the game does a superb job keeping things to it’s places. But again, here is something that’s going to be real fun watching!


We have decided to take this opportunity to celebrate the New Year with you all, not talking about the fights and the strategies. Rather by enjoying a set of Bloopers that we managed to gather from within the game.


A big shout out to our friend at Wassup Folks for collaborating with Boy Things and presenting to you a count down of the TOP 10 BLOOPERS of Transformers Earth Wars, featuring the Autobots!

TOP 10 BLOOPERS of Transformers Earth Wars


So guys, here you go!! Just WAIT FOR IT and enjoy the show!!

At the 10th position we have the stylish copter autobot!



The swiftest of all autobots feature at the 9th position!



We also have the cop featuring at the 8th position!!



The speedster of the Beast Wars has his place in the list at 7th position!



And at the 6th position we have!!



At the 5th position in this countdown features the veteran warhorse!!



The turbo revving young punk has his place sealed at 4th!



The fearless off road advanced scout occupies the 3rd spot!!



Here we have the iconic soldier 2nd in the list!!



And topping the list we have at the 1st position!!!!



So that’s basically the top 10 amazingly awkward bloopers that we managed to gather with you all. Hope you guys enjoyed the countdown! And also let us know if you have witnessed the same at any point of time. May be something like this or may be even more funny. Do share with us in the comment section! Till then, Happy New Year 2018 to you all. Hope the new year will bring happiness, success and prosperity to every one of you.


Boy Things signing off for the day.. Adios amigos!

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