Transformers Earth Wars: Strongest Autobots in the Game!


Hello guys, welcome back to Boy Things! Here we are again with yet another blog on Transformers Earth Wars. But, before we get to any details, let us take this opportunity to acknowledge the love and support that we have received from you all over the course of time. We are really grateful to each and every reader of ours. Your praises motivate us to create more such blogs and your criticism drives us to do even better.

Coming back to the blog, here we have a list of the strongest/most effective (single) Autobots in the game Transformers Earth Wars. 

April 14th, 2018: Obviously, each of you have your own choices of the top 5! And we are also ready to hear it from you in the comment section below!

June 30th, 2018: We have received your messages over social media and also on our blog site. We are flattered by your overwhelming response. And now, we have decided to modify the list to Top 10 strongest Autobots in the game!

strongest autobots

Given the list, we must mention that the order has nothing to do with a countdown to top 10 but a list comprising the best 10 bots that primarily came up in a small survey that we conducted among a section of lovers of the game, and also on reconsideration of your feedback!

So, here it goes:


transformers earth wars top 5 autobots stafree


Fire Mission – The attack that makes the difference! Strafe posses one of the most effective (offensive) special attacks, that easily makes him one of the most widely used bot in the game. Be it protecting your base during enemy attacks or attacking the enemy base, with Strafe striking damage to targets in areas up to 18 times at one go, he has surely got you covered! 


transformers earth wars top 5 autobots kup


As the saying goes.. “Kup has been there, done that, got the T-shirt.” Quite literally, Kup has the power to teleport from one place to another in no time. Equipped with a quick fire gun, this veteran warrior is a top pick for any player when it comes to attacking an enemy base!


transformers earth wars top 5 autobots optimus prime


The committed, inspirational, selfless leader of all Autobots, Optimus Prime is one of the strongest transformer without a doubt! Inspiring Charge is a key special ability that Optimus posses. If used wisely, it can be the decisive move in important battles! Obviously, his endurance power is another positive that help players choose the leader over his army.

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transformers earth wars top 5 autobots optimus prime


Cosmos is one complete package. Cosmic Chaos – the ability to cause damage to enemy and at the same time confuse the targets. Players use this ability quite effectively to target the Beam Laser or the Missile Launcher. In spite of facing the most dangerous attacking options in an enemy base, Cosmos will have them damaged as well as confuse them, in turn reduce chance of your bots getting damaged.


transformers earth wars top 5 autobots rodimus prime


The new Prime has grown his fair share of popularity among players in recent times. Matrix Burst is one of those attacks that enhances abilities of the allies leading to a more fierce attack towards the enemy Headquarter. Strategic usage of Rodimus Prime’s abilities can cause havoc!


transformers earth wars top 10 autobots star saber


transformers earth wars top 10 autobots grimlock


transformers earth wars top 10 autobots sky lynx


transformers earth wars top 10 autobots ultra magnus


transformers earth wars top 10 autobots

So guys, with the hope that your top 10 Autobot list somewhat matches with ours, we call it a day! Will surely like to know your top 10 in the comment section below. Will be back with more such blogs in no time.. But till then, adios!

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