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Hello guys, welcome back to the Boy Things! It has been a while, since we last posted on the Transformers : Earth Wars, so here we are with our latest take on the new bots in the game. Yes, the Triple Changers!


Before we go into further details, allow us to have a big shout out for our friends at the TFEWaddicts, who has been doing a superb job bridging the gap in between the players and SpaceApe! We at Boy Things are very proud to be their official blogging partner.


What’s the Story?


SA has recently introduced two new game changing bots in the game “Transformers Earth Wars”. Springer for the bots and Astrotrain for the cons. Both the transformers share similar strengths and an are of the Triple Changer class. Let’s have a better look at them here in this blog.



So What Actually is a Triple Changer?


Basically, Triple Changer is an unique class of Transformers where the bot can transform to TWO alternate modes, making them highly versatile in battles. Like for Springer, the first alternate mode is the vehicle mode and the second one is a helicopter mode. Similarly for Astrotrain, the first alternate mode is a space jet and the second one is a train. We will have a detailed discussion on how these bots helps the course of the game, later in the blog.


What are it’s Abilities?


Both Springer and Astrotrain share the same special abilities. Their capability of transforming into two alternate modes opens the door for versatility in their abilities. They possess two special powers, namely : Defensive Parameter and Aerial Support!


Defensive Parameter :  Basically a Gunner ability. Bombards nearby targets 8 times for 27.4 damage. Attracts nearby defenses and provides 70% damage reduction. This ability covers a relatively small area.


Aerial Support : Basically a combination of Aerial and Medic abilities.  Rush to help a friendly bot! Upon arrival heals in an area for 109 over 5 seconds. This ability covers a wide area.


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What Does Triple Changers Bring to the Game?


As well all know, after a certain time, every game gets a bit boring if not updated regularly. Similarly, this particular game also had it’s share. Prior to the Power Core updates, many complained that the game was getting rusty due to the lack of new in game features and the Duplicate bot arriving through the Space Bridge. But, to our relief, SA has listened to us, the lovers of the game and introduced 3 new updates since.


1. New Chapter in the Campaign Mode     2. Power Cores     3. Triple Changers


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Among the 3 listed above the real stand out has been the Triple Changer bots. This was long time coming and we are glad that it’s finally here! The triple changer bots  are entitled to change the course of the battle on Earth as they bring a new dimension to the game. Both strategically and visually. A Triple Changer bot has the ability of using two different kind of abilities in the same battle. If the bot can do both healing and damaging at the same time, what more can one ask for? It’s almost like having an extra slot in your squad for free. 


Well, that was all we had to say about the Triple Changers for today! Boy Things will again return with blogs on Transformers Earth Wars in no time. Till then, enjoy the game and do share with us your opinion on the Triple Changers down in the comments!

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