Transformers Earth Wars, A “Must-Play” Game!


We all love Transformers, don’t we?! Transformers has been a large part of most of our childhood. We used to come back from school and sit down to watch the half-an-hour episodes that were aired then. And till date we all our new blog on a Mobile game which is based on the Transformers, itself!

This has been a combined effort by Hasbro, Backflip Studios and SpaceApe to frame and launch this mobile game which is available in both iTunes and Play Store.

Transformers Earth Wars, as the name suggests is a strategy game plotted beautifully with events that are happening on the Earth in the Transformers world. Basically it is a struggle for supremacy in between the two forces : Autobots led by their charismatic leader Optimus Prime and Decepticons under the cunning ruler, Megatron. While Optimus Prime symbolizes Responsibility, Sacrifice and Freedom for all setient beings. One the other hand, in case of Megatron, its the opposite. The very thought of Megatron strikes fear in the mind. He is symbolic to Destruction, Power and complete Dominance. But one thing that both the transformers do have in common, is that the Quality of true Leadership that they possess.

Transformers Earth Wars Cover

The game is basically a Transformers version of the popular strategy game COC. But this one has got a lot more in it than the game that it might have got its inspiration from. You can build you own base, planning out you defenses and offences in a strategical way. You will have to harvest Energeon and Alloy using harvesters in your base. The Energeon and Alloys helps you to build new constructions and upgrade your base and bots as well. You also have an option of attacking an enemy base to destroy it and loot the Energeon and Alloy present in that base. In the process, if you come victorious, you also win medals to show off. Similarly, your base is also open to your enemies and can also get attacked, if your defense is not strong enough you get looted and even loose some medals as well. But, all in all its a super addictive fun game, where you win some battles and you lose some!

You are free to choose between the two forces, whether you want to accompany Optimus to save the Earth or would you go hand in hand with Megatron to capture the planet. The quest of supremacy is a never ending process in the game as the developers have maintained a perfect balance at both ends, so that who ever one may choose, he/she will be able to experience the entire fun of the game. You are also given the option to play the game with your rival bots if you feel to.

The game folds very systematically. It starts with the Campaign mode where you are rewarded Optimus, Sunstreaker, Rachet and BumbleBee to give you a boost in your bot collection! Besides this, you also get a Login bonus in the form of a Free Crystal every 8 hours, which when connected through the Space Bridge rewards you either a bot or a boost module, which you can use later in the game.

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You are also allowed to form small alliances with your fellow comrades (i.e Autobots with Autobots and vise versa) and thereby connect to the other players of the game all over the world.

Weekends are more fun when you play this game coz on every weekend the developers come up with some special events where you may participate on your own or together with your alliance (depending on the event rules and regulations). If you are looking for a boost in leveling up your bots, trust me this is the best time for you as they offer double or even triple XPs, crystal shards, boost modules and even more rewards on reaching specific milestones. The most interesting part is that the game adds new bots to collect and battle with every month as the ultimate reward in these events! And moreover, all the events carry a significant and interesting story line which makes the game even more interesting.

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The game as it stands today has a total of 153 Autobots (1* to 5*) and 140 Decepticons (1* to 5*) to collect from! Collecting the bots that remind us of our childhood is always special and to fight with them is a plus, while exploring their special abilities! Another attraction of the game is the Combiners. Superion, Devastrator, Optimus Maximus and Bruticus are available in the game for you to collect. The game is undoubtably, a top level development that can mesmerize anyone at one go. Transformers Earth Wars recently completed one year of release, counting over 10 million players world wide! And I am proudly one of them, possibly an addict to this game and would love recommend everyone to try it at least once on behalf of everyone at the Boy Things!

Signing off! Happy gaming… Oh, this is not the end! This is just the beginning, and yeah the Boy Things will be back continuing this series as our collaboration with the is sure to inspire us always to present the best posts possible!

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