Transformers 5 : The Last Knight – Build Up!


The much awaited film of the year 2017 is finally about to hit the screen on 23rd June! And this Boy Things blog is preparing for a proper build-up before the release.

The fifth edition of the famous science friction movie Transformers has already sparked interest in billions of the fans like me. Surprising thing in this story line is that the character that so far we idolized as the leader, the bravest warrior, the savior of  all sentient beings, the seeker of peace is now looking for vengeance!  The situation is absolute chaos and the only silver lining now is the scout Bumble Bee! But does he even stands a chance against Prime? His leader, almost double his size and not even a match when it comes to power!

boy things transformers bumble bee

No matter how the story will unfold, but one this is sure that this one’s got to be hell of a movie for us!

Boy Things blogs will be bringing you more posts on Transformers through out the week. Stay tuned and remember there is always something that doesn’t meet the eye! 😉

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