White Is Not Just Melancholy..


“Beta safeed maat pehno. Yeh shok-sabha nahin hain” (Don’t wear white, it’s not a condolence meet)

“Shaadi mein safeed kaun pehenta hain?” (Who wears white in a Hindu wedding?)

I bet statements like these are not absolutely random for the girls who love wearing white. A pre-conceived notion as it is, that white is the color of melancholy – the color of old age as well. When it comes to Indian girls, every occasion comes with a particular color tagged along with it. If it’s a date night, the dress should be black. While the color is red for her D-Day and preferably pink on her birthday party. (Although I still don’t get the connection that a girl is supposed to share with the pink color) Thus, white remains the color for condolence meets! Girls, it’s high time now to break this stereotype.

She's Beautiful white dress

It is often said that, we only write what all we read. The memory of what I read years back, is vague though, it roughly says that white is the only color which foils the color of the youthful vigor. I’m not sure if it was a fashion magazine or just another newspaper supplement, but what it said about the color white is undoubtedly the best thing I ever came across.

All in white casuals She's BeautifulOf late, I’ve seen that the trend of white sneakers is actually in. No wonder I was too excited to buy one for myself as well. From the way I’m endorsing white, it’s quite evident, as of now, that my own wardrobe is all white! So, it wasn’t very difficult to pair my pair of white sneakers with a white hoodie and a plain white cap. And voila! All set was I with the peaceful yet trendy look. It wasn’t very loud, which easily earned the look, one extra brownie point.

When it comes to a date night or a girl’s day out, trust me girls, it’s not always about a LBD (Little Black Dress). You can rock it pretty well with your very own LWD (Little White Dress). For a tinge of sassiness, I pair my white dress (which is generally not very short though!) with black boots for a casual day look. Easy on the eyes and soothing on the skin, it’s a win-win look. White, I tell you girls, is the most summer-friendly color suited well for a very sunny day.

she's beautiful white traditional dressWhile endorsing white as the love of my life, I can’t deny the obvious. White can get boring at times (I mean really boring and dull for a good and colorful day). But then again, what are the colorful Dupattas and scarves for? For the next look, the red Kalamkari Dupatta has been my savior which I teamed up with my plain white Kurti for a sophisticated yet colorful look.

The color of our dress, for the most of it, we girls decide keeping our complexion in mind. And white, my dear, is the color of every complexion. Again it’s a winner there, ain’t it? But all I’ll tell you is, she’s beautiful no matter what color she is wearing or what color her complexion is!

How often do you girls can pull off white? Let us know if white still stands for melancholy and old age, in our comment section.

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