Witness The Velvet Vanity !


Hey guys, hope you all are doing fine. Before anything else, I just want to clarify one thing to all of you. The posting rate in our site has sadly gone down for sometime now. Yes, we are working hard every day and night to configure and optimize our site properly. This may take a few months more. But nothing to worry about! We got bigger plans for you. ???? Until we disclose our next project, you guys keep guessing! ????

Today we are here to share with you some exciting news. As you guys already know that we are keen on adding members to our guest blogging team for She’s Beautiful. We are glad to announce our collaboration with a beautiful fashion blogger from Lucknow!

Excited to meet her. Right? Well, we would not keep you wondering for too long.

So, let us welcome Priya aka The Velvet Vanity to the Boy Things family. A beautiful soul with lovely sense of fashion. Her unique skill of putting pen to paper is something you guys need to look out for. Be prepared to get in a spell of mesmerizing words shortly when she starts to blog in our site.

Here have a look at her personal blog by clicking on the picture below :

The velvet vanity for She's Beautiful blogs by Boy Things

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